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Welcome to Greer Black

The research and consulting corporation that helps you find the right solution to reach the highest level of success.


We value tools and methods such as model-building, dynamic analysis, and productive reasoning because they help us (borrowing Bernard Lonergan's words) "progressively to enlarge the realm of conscious grasp and deliberate choice."

Greer Black Company is a research and consulting corporation that provides management consulting services to businesses and organizations nationwide.

By collaboratively integrating primary and secondary research with a rigorous toolset, including visual models, dynamic analyses, and productive reasoning, we create customized solutions designed to your specific needs.

Variety of industries, including

  • Software
  • Manufacturing
  • Defense
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Consumer Product Development

Research and Development

Using innovative research techniques, we help find and develop the solution to create success.


Product Development

Utilizing the latest tools and methods, we help create products that deliver success.


Quality improvement opportunities

Through our extensive research, we help solve problems that hinder your success.



Improve your company's finances and profits with our unique and successful research techniques.



Know your target audience inside and out with our exceptional research and analysis methods.


Customer relations

Customer service is paramount to success - use our research and analyses to measure your success.

Need Help in Solving Complex Problems

Our experts can help you find the solution that not only solves your problems, but helps you reach your company's potential.